Summit County Spring — busy

I am glad to be back blogging at MySnowPro.  For many instructors there is stress involved in dealing with the shoulder season as a ski instructor.


Work, weather, living and family schedule arrangements, and ski/ride withdrawal. I have been going through all of the above.  The photo to the right is unfortunately what I PLAN to be doing at some point this summer.

First there is work:  

This was the first year in many years I didn’t have my summer work lined up.  Since ’99 I was either a Golf Pro or Future and options trader (Bell Trading or my own acct).  This year it was different.  I currently work with the Grand Lodge at Peak 7.  It is a great company, and I am happy to work with the company.  The only problem, is I like having leverage to my efforts rather than working “time for money”.
However, my work on the internet and work “social media” since ’95 has been bearing fruit.  Leslie Stafford (founder of and I have founded NanoPlanet, LLC  I attached the Facebook page, and the website should be up by week’s end.We specialize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  in obtaining and deciphering internet market intelligence, and creating and executing strategies to help a business connect with customers.   We are a creative group, have solid systems, and we can execute them quickly.   I am very excited and have been putting in long days to prepare our systems for strong demand.
Weather and fitness-
Late April and early to mid-May were wet and cold.  I wanted to get out on my bike and ride, but no luck with the cold and snowy weather.  However, I did manage to ski for a day with our new business partner Tami B at A-Basin.  There was 8″ of fresh snow, and sunny weather to enjoy the morning.  Mid May and on has been great.  I have managed to run or ride 6 days a week which is helping me get through my ski/exercise withdrawals.  I have even managed to get in a few days of practice now that the Breckenridge and Keystone golf courses have opened. 
I have also been helping Sadie with her new business.  I love the product, and believe everyone whom I care about would use this.  It is also a great business.
Lifestyle and work schedule adjustments-
Let’s just say I am not working 9-5 these days, and Sadie and my schedules require some compromise and flexibility.  I am happy to be working out of the house most of the time, but that pesky work with GL7 ‘harshes my mellow”.  As we get liftoff with NanoPlanet, I will be able to work less with GL7 and work more helping business develop and grow their brand through online channels.  The kids are great, and Christian’s baseball team requires a schedule of its own, but we have great parents to help with the carpools.
I will be keeping weekly blog here.  There is certainly much going on with the family, some of which is good and much of which is extremely challenging.  Although here is a good piece of music to keep me going.

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