Surefoot Lange RX 130 – 2011/12

I was fitted in the Breckenridge Surefoot store for my 2011/12 Surefoot Lange RX 130 boots (100mm last) with the Surefoot X2 liner and Surefoot insole. I thought I would offer a boot review for the RX 130.


I was told that I was the first Professional Ski Instructor in Colorado to get fitted for the X2. I arrived at 10:55am and was out of the shop with new boots, foamed liners and milled footbed by 11:50. Even better I was skiing Loveland Ski Area by 12:40.

Before we go further, it is important to know the best boot is the one which fits you. And the boot manufactures are doing a fine job of innovation. I have skied a number of boots between the 110-130 flex. I have a foot which fit well into Lange, but I have been adaptable.

I have been in the boots for 3 days and have skied hard pack and mushy combo snow, 14″ of powder, and moguls. I will giveaway the punchline… These are the best boots I have ever skied.

Two week update>> I have now had 10 days on the hill with them. They are still perfect. The fit is fantastic. They flex is firm but not rock hard stiff. I have played around with tightening down the buckles and it produces even higher performance and control on very hard snow. This is the best boot I have ever skied, and the 100mm width should fit a greater variety of feet when combined with the custom foam liner. Kudos to Lange, and the boot fitters at Surefoot.

Now for the details:
Me: 43 yrs, 190lbs, 5’11”
PSIA Level 3 certification, PSIA-RM Trainer Accredited
Last Boots – Lange World Cup 120 with Booster Straps
Prior Boots- Nordica Speedmachine 14, Tecnica ICON Alu Comp, Atomic Race (blue), Lange Purple Haze
Skis – Rossignol Strato 80, 175cm

I was choosing between the RX 120 or the RX 130. I was concerned the RX 130 would be too stiff for teaching and slow speed bumps. My previous ’07 Lange WC 120 was a very good boot, but not great. The cuff was about 1/2in higher than the RX, and the last is 97mm instead of 100 (RX).


 The RX Pro offers a 97mm last. The tighter last required me to “punch” out the 6th toe and do a variety of grinding to have it fit well. The slightly wider fore foot in the RX allowed me to ski in the boot without any adjustment or grinding.

The height of the cuff on the WC 120 was a little too high, and the flex always seemed less than optimal for me. The boot would feel stiff on the firm snow, but collapse and flex too much in the thicker mush or wind affected powder. The effect on the ski would be too much tip pressure in tricky conditions. In contrast the RX 130 was stiff and didn’t overflex. I was able to ski from the center of the ski. The shorter cuff allowed me to be more accurate and flex progressively and articulate my ankles, knees and hips. The entry of the turn feels effortless, as does edging throughout the turn. The RX 130 allowed me to ski accurately, efficiently, and powerfully.

I have skied with Booster Straps for the past 15 years, but I don’t feel a need to wear the Boosters with these as the stock power strap is fine.The boot seems more progressively flexing than previous Langes.


I have had foam liners in the past. They have been stiff and the tongues would give my shin abuse if I slammed into the front of them. The X2 liner has an improved 3mm closed cell cushion between the leg an the new closed cell injected foam. It just feels Goooood! There was no initial pain or adjustments that I required. They feel firm and responsive, and absorb shocks very well.

From my first run I felt at home in these boots. 


Slow speed skidded turns, high speed arcs, and very quick in bumps. 
I expected these to possibly be too stiff in the bumps. Surprisingly they were perfect. If I hit the face of the bump hard they didn’t fold over or jet me from the tails. I am very excited to ski long bump runs this season, and the 100mm last doesn’t cramp my foot like the narrower last occasionally did. I tried to put these boots through their paces, and I did. I tried everything I could think of to test their versatility. They are a 10 of 10. They ripped.
The Buckles are awesome. I know buckles are usually overlooked. But the new Lange slanted design allows me to loosen buckle without putting too much tearing pressure on my gloves.
Eye Candy – I don’t choose a boot because of color, but this one does look awesome on the hill.

I like the removable soles which offer tremendous grip when walking across a once slippery locker room cement floor. Lange says that they are 20% grippier than Vibram soles. In years past I have felt that walking across a parking lot or bathroom floor was more dangerous than skiing. These are soles are great and they should offer some help across slippery surfaces.
They also should come in handy when I have to scramble the Ridge at Loveland or hike at Silverton Mountain.
The boot with custom set up cost about $125-200 more than if I were to get the boot with stock liner. For me, they are worth it. I thought I was getting the X1 liner, but the X2 had just arrived that morning. Surefoot has an arrangement with Lange and Nordica to just get shells without liners. This is great because the boot is about $200 less without the stock liner, and I can apply the discount to the custom liner.

Lastly, this boot should work well for stronger skiers who have a little extra mass to work them. They are quick and agile, working well in firm snow or powder. Great Lange design and look. Well fitting heal pocket and ample forefoot room. The custom foam liner fills in the gaps beautifully. The slightly wider last is a great improvement for those who feel squeezed previous Lange designs. This is the best boot I have ever skied.

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