Surefoot Lange RX 130 – 2011/12

I was fitted in the Breckenridge Surefoot store for my 2011/12 Surefoot Lange RX 130 boots (100mm last) with the Surefoot X2 liner and Surefoot insole. I thought I would offer a boot review for the RX 130.


I was told that I was the first Professional Ski Instructor in Colorado to get fitted for the X2. I arrived at 10:55am and was out of the shop with new boots, foamed liners and milled footbed by 11:50. Even better I was skiing Loveland Ski Area by 12:40.

Before we go further, it is important to know the best boot is the one which fits you. And the boot manufactures are doing a fine job of innovation. I have skied a number of boots between the 110-130 flex. I have a foot which fit well into Lange, but I have been adaptable.

I have been in the boots for 3 days and have skied hard pack and mushy combo snow, 14″ of powder, and moguls. I will giveaway the punchline… These are the best boots I have ever skied.

Two week update>> I have now had 10 days on the hill with them. They are still perfect. The fit is fantastic. They flex is firm but not rock hard stiff. I have played around with tightening down the buckles and it produces even higher performance and control on very hard snow. This is the best boot I have ever skied, and the 100mm width should fit a greater variety of feet when combined with the custom foam liner. Kudos to Lange, and the boot fitters at Surefoot.

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