The Box

We are all in boxes…

Trees are magnificent.
How tall to they grow? A: As tall as they can.
What happens when the stop growing? A: They die.
Why are we different? God has given us the dignity of choice. We can grow, or we can remain stationary. Sometimes settling in an eddy of life gives us time to rejuvenate. But when it is time to get back in the current of life and experience more, we may need a prod, a push, an impulse, a friend, or a coach.
HPIM1295.JPGStated in metaphor, we are all in Boxes. And when we wish to get out of our box it can be difficult. Those inside the box with us don’t want us to leave, regardless if they like us or not. They want us to stay. However, if they do choose to help us escape and grow, the problem we run into… neither knows how to get out of the box.
The irony… The directions to get out of the box are on the outside. The quickest way to escape the box is to find someone who is already on the outside. They either got there by previously outgrowing the box, or they have a different perspective which makes exit relatively easy. They are not confined by the “rules” of the box.
So the solution… It takes a “coach”, friend, associations and desire of a higher energy level than that which exists in the box to move beyond the box.

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