The Federal Reserve… no more a gov’t agency than Federal Express


The US Treasury wants to have the Fed oversee the entire financial industry.

Originally posted Aug 27, 2007
You don’t think the Federal Reserve is the Government do you?
Although, I don’t think these videos may not be absolutely true, I believe there is enough here to really think about.
UPDATE March 28.2008
The Federal Government/US Treasury Department is now proposing that the Federal Reserve oversees the entire financial industry. God help us. Here is the CNN Article. This will open a very scary path. It is a backdoor way for “12 families” to control the entire US financial industry. I understand the benefits of regulation in the banking industry, but not these guys who have shown academic ineptitude in the face of the lastest crisis.

The proposals have been in the works since June — two months before the current sub-prime mortgage crisis began affecting financial markets, Davis said.

What a lucky stroke to have a catalyst such as this to push forward the plan. Hmmm.
Prior to watching this understand:

The Federal Reserve System was created, in 1913, for many reasons, but the underlying one was that people no longer trusted private bankers to shepherd the financial markets. Prior to the Fed’s founding, the government had had no effective weapon to temper the country’s economic cycles, nor was there much it could do to ease the periodic crises that afflicted Wall Street. Too often, the government had had to go hat in hand to a private banker for help. By the Progressive Era, with its suspicion of trusts and its faith in regulation, people wanted a bank that would represent the public interest. Ever since, the Fed has been a public servant but one that works in close proximity to private banks and to Wall Street. It is a delicate role, for the Fed is supposed to regulate banking but not to shelter bankers. It must protect the functioning of markets without appearing to be too protective of the banks it watches over.
When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management by Roger Lowenstein

Also, consider reading this fantastic book. The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At the Federal Reserve
Part 1 of 5

The Federal Reserve Movie: Part 2 of 5 This is good stuff, it make one think about what he/she judge as real.

The Movie: Federal Reserve. Part 3 of 5. Pretty strong, eh? Beware, this may cause you anger, yet hopefully not against me.

The Movie: Federal Reserve part 4 of 5 television is not the truth. People do what ever the tube tells them. Trading, war, beliefs or purchases

The Movie: Federal Reserve part 5 of 5 Read the book Spychips. Protection from “Database You” corruption is necessary.

Here is the CNN Report on the North American Union

On Sept 18th the Federal Reserve lowered the Fed Funds Rate by 50 bps, which caused the dollar to drop to record levels. This was seen as an extreme easing of monetary policy by many in the financial world. The Euro reached 140 vs the US Dollar. The fed stated that they are not concerned with inflation. What??? Oil reaching record levels, Gold, (denominated in US Dollars) are pushing recent records. This is inflation. Everything we import costs more! It seems to lead into an eventual case for the Amero.

Dollar UPDATE – as of March 28, 2008 the Euro is 1.59.
i.e. “Look as the success/strength of the European Union, to stay competitive around the world we need for our North American Alliance. ” What a shell game we are being lead into. It seems orchestrated to me.
The Amero – North American Currency

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