These are the websites I go to… ’cause I like ’em

These are great website links. These are authors who provide great content.

With all the website on the web. How do you find your way around? I will be adding to this list, but here is a start:
Best Ski and Ride Hands down winner. If you would like to find a top answered by avid skier, riders, and instructors. Check it out!
Excellent Skier Justin B is based out of Southern Utah and writes some good stuff. He certainly tell it like he sees it… and I appreciate that.
Do you like the sports like I do
Sports Blog Catalog will have the blogger that fits your sports passions. I will use this to find more about the sports I enjoy. Give it a try!
Excellent Colorado Ski&Ride These guys give you the inside scoop on Colorado I-70 ski and ride. And then some. Great info rippers.

Pro skier blog Cool chick, great attitude, surfs& skis, rippin’ skier, and oh yeah, Olympic champion. Way to go Jules!!!
Skis and I have become a huge supporter of this company. Vertical sidewall laminate skis. Great dimensions with performance. Boots, jeez. Doberman or speedmachine. Give these bad boys and girls a try.

One thought on “These are the websites I go to… ’cause I like ’em”

  1. The most down-home up-to-the minute and straightforward site I’ve ever seen with a firm grip on the pulse of summit and Breck especially. You-go-boy! Somethin I’ll send my visitors to again and again.

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