Tuesday Nov 13th – recovering after last week

I’m working my way into expiration week. Let the Volatility rein.

I am pleased with this week’s start. However, a little disappointed in recoveries after I sold. I shouldn’t even look at the positions I sold last week. NVLS recovered the full spread and then some. Fortunately I had a few call verticals which I sold for .75 and .80. I also chickened out of USB a few positions.
The good news!
USB – I still own 9 units of the 32.5 calendar spread which is over .30 now. excellent.
HRB – I added 4 units of t 20p calendar and 3 units of the 17.5 for less than .20. They are working well at this point.
SKS – Sold 2 units of dec/jan calendar for .25. I still have 1, all purchased for .15. I made a little money. I may play this some more as there is take-over talk.
PGH – 100 sh a little below 18. Friday is another dividend date.
ZGEN – 2 units of 15c calendar for .05, then 2 more for a .10 credit. How good is that. Ave price @ .025 credit. Stage 3 drug trial results expected in early Dec.
The acct is pushing on record levels. I am pleased
This afternoon will be a busy PrePaid Legal day. I am speaking with a business owner about offering this as an employee benefit. Very Nice. And tonight is a Millionaire Mind Financial Seminar in Denver. If you want free tickets to an event somewhere across the country, put a comment in the post and I will get it to you.

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