Woodward at Copper – First time experience

I have enjoyed skiing Copper Mountain over the years, And this is the first year I have taught there. As part of my training we took the “Intro” course at the Woodward Barn. The staff of Woodward took us through the process of initiating us the freestyle life of Woodward.

I was looking forward to the experience, yet when I put on my workout clothes and stepped onto the gymnastics floor my anxiety level elevated. Fortunately the experience staff anticipated this as well. We started with a good warm up and stretching. As we stretched, the instructors offered a verbal preview of the session ahead. This lowered the anxiety slightly.

We went through a simple progression of somersault type activities (front and back) on the mat with wedges and multiple instructors to help us improve our technique. The foam pits just off the gym floor reminded us of what was to come. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to try. Front flip, and 360 with a grab were two moves I wanted to complete. I was assured that it was very doable. Before we were to use the trampolines we were coached on entering the pit. Two footed jump and landing in a tuck butt first was our first pitjump. The landing was simple, but I did feel slightly claustrophobic getting out of the 6″ blocks of foam. The next jump off the map into the pit was a either a front flip or a somersault roll. I delayed entry for a bit, unsure if I could do it. I thought, maybe just the somersault into the pit. Fortunately there were other 1st timers doing what I wanted to do… a front flip. I took a big gulp, stepped forward and made a front flip into the pit. When I sat on the foam, I did so with a feeling of accomplishment. My first front flip accomplished.

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