Wrapped up MLK weekend skiing in Breckenridge

We just finished a busy and pleasant weekend in Breckenridge, CO.  Skiing and riding was reasonably good. I can’t wait for some “horrible” weather to replenish the soft snow on the mountain.  It looks like storms are rolling through.

I have been sampling a few tune shops in town. I have been using  Pup’s Glide Shop.  They have been putting on fine tunes. Although about 3 weeks ago I took my skis to Breckenridge Sports in the Maggie (Village of Breckenridge).  Rafe is the main tuner there. Wow, he has been doing FANTASTIC work on my skis.  The edges are great, and his base structure work is impeccable.  I can’t say enough about how much pride Rafe takes in his work.  I have been been sending my students to both of these locations for ski repair work this season. And heaven knows we need to have our skis repaired from the early season beating they have all taken.
I was fortunate to ski with some very nice people over the past few days.  On Saturday I skied with Vanessa R from Kansas City.  It was her first day back of the year.  Rather than skiing day one with her friends she joined me for a Level 5 lesson.  We skied Peak 7 in the morning and Peak 9 in the afternoon.  
A few focuses were flattening then turning the inside leg throug the transition of the turn. By the end of the day she was comfortably making parallel turns, and even skied a blue/black.
On monday I was fortunate to ski with Tom and Mary from the UK. They had been skiing with us for 6 days prior, and wanted to technique adjustments but also some adventure seeking around the mountain.  We worked on some contemporary technique including an earlier tipping (rather than twisting) of the ski, and allowing a flexion of the inside leg from the ankle, knee, and hip.  Prior to the coaching, they both had a simultaneous flexing and extending of their legs. This was leading their moving back through the shaping and finish of the turn. 
Later in the morning we took this on to the T-bar and North Bowl.  The snow was surprisingly good. Although only 3″ of new snow was reported we found considerably more in spots. The terrain features had softened as well. In the moguls we focused on bringing the feet UP toward the hips rather than the torso down to the feet.  This allowed better ski to snow contact earlier in the turn. In the afternoon we decided to move up into the Imperial Bowl.  We skied Whale’s Tail to Vertigo for our first run, and the Peak 8 Summit and Lake Chutes for our second.  Our third run took us back to the Whale’s Tail and the Boundary Chutes.  My hope for them is the enhanced technique and the exposure to new terrain will make the next 3 days even more enjoyable.
Tom and Mary’s Photo Album
We are also planning a second MySnowPro.com ski trip to Silverton in February.  One day at Silverton Powerdercats, and the second at Silverton Mountain. 

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